Keep – Release Notes 15.3.3

Release 15.3.3 @ 2015-11-1
• Mobile Access must be turned on inside the user account before being able to login to a mobile app.

New Features / Enhancements
• Enable Mobile Access now configured in the Account editor.
• Added event auto-archiving functionality into the UI.
• Added ability to set reader modes on an entire door group, rather than having to configure reader by reader.
• Users can now upload custom .tff font files inside the badge designer.
• Added Cardholder Tardiness report.
• Added Cardholder Attendance report.
• Added Interactive Voice Response functionality inside the System Settings.
• Users can now upload custom images for each floorplan object. (.jpg, .png, .bmp)
• Mercury controllers now sync their time every hour.
• Implemented an expression editor for custom alarm definitions.
• Improved Accounts Window
o Added locked out duration field
o Added Online status checkbox
o Added Mobile enabled checkbox
• Added right click functionality to people listed in the Accounts window.
• Improved scroll bar functionality to alarm detail window so that many alarm comments can be viewed.
• Manually locking out a user account is now permanent, until reversed by the admin.
• Reports can now be added to user favorites.
• Welcome page connection no longer remains open while reading.
• Added additional Audit Logging
o Holiday Generation
o Triggers & Procedures
o Intrusion
• Downloading the Test.CSV for batch import no longer shows a security warning.
• Added additional indexes when querying tables for events.
• Improved the sensitivity of the zoom slider and added ability to enter numeric zoom value.
• Improved GUI of the self enrollment page.
• Added delete functionality to attached reports in the report history.
• Improved ping failed error messages to be more user friendly.
• Badge types can now be opened from the audit log entry.
• Added customizable intrusions panel timeout settings inside the system settings hardware tab.
• Removed focus floorplan from event definitions.
• Added (seconds) to field headings within the System Settings where required.
• Updated hardware names to reflect Feenics part numbers.
• Improved mouseover text on hardware panel filters to be more descriptive.
• Corrected various typos in the GUI.
• Added “Access Denied – Host Approval Request Timeout” event if host approval is enabled on the reader and no decision is made within 5 seconds.
• Removed V100 from Edge Evo Interface list.
• New user accounts now open the welcome page on login by default.
• New GUI themes available in the User Settings.
• User settings are now saved in the database rather than in isolated storage on the workstation.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue where a null Disconnect Timeout would prevent controllers from connecting to the server.
• Fixed an issue where the reconnect to event publisher message would not do anything.
• Fixed an issue where mobile users were being counted incorrectly.
• Corrected an issue where Mercury panels would fail to update if a schedule has more than 12 intervals.
• Corrected issue inside Time & Attendance report where selecting a single person using arrow keys would not generate the report correctly.
• Fixed an issue where closing various windows would prompt users to save even if no changes had been made.
o Output Editor
o Input Editor
o Reader
o Triggers & Procedures
o Camera Editor
o Floorplan Editor
o Badge Editor
o User Settings
• Fixed an issue where audit logs would not filter correctly.
• Fixed an issue where opening a card assignment window would not work if you already had one open, it now updates the previous window.
• Fixed an issue where removing a floorplan object would hide others.
• Fixed a UI issue where slave readers would not display config toolbars.
• Corrected an issue where floorplan images would not scale correctly.
• Fixed the sorting order of devices inside the hardware panel.
• Fixed a sorting issue with “attached reports” inside report history.
• Fixed the progress bar when importing objects from a Bosch Panel.
• Fixed an error message when deleting a floorplan that had readers configured.
• Corrected an issue where deleting a person with an active card assignment would not remove their card from the ISC.
• Fixed an issue where many live events would disconnect the user from the event publisher if they were viewing a live floorplan.
• Fixed a bug where adding a second reader before saving the first (off a single interface) would cause them to duplicate.
• Fixed an issue when opening a floorplan from the audit log the scale would be incorrect.
• Fixed an issue where the manage reports search filter did nothing.
• Fixed a bug where the event history window could be opened multiple times.
• Fixed an issue where Keep was displaying images captured in portrait (mobile) mode incorrectly.
• Fixed an issue when cropping an image that was uploaded by a mobile device the orientation was incorrect.
• Fixed an issue where reports were using server time rather than local user time.
• Corrected an issue where opening an event detail with an ultra high-res image would cause the scaling to break.
• Corrected an issue where the online status inside the accounts window would not always be accurate if the user did not log off correctly.
• Fixed an issue with the data/time filter not applying correctly to the Activity Log.
• Fixed a bug where selecting a floorplan link would always open a new window even if that window was already open.
• Fixed a UI bug where opening the calendar for selecting a date time range inside the event history would be cut off.
• Fixed an error that would occur if the user rapidly deletes many report history items.
• Corrected an issue where modifying the event priority would not enable the save button.
• Corrected an issue where modifying the “fileas” field in the person editor would not enable the save button.
• Fixed unexpected errors inside the Keep Notified desktop app when many events came in at once.

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