Keep – Release Notes

Release 15.2.6 @ 2015-8-1
• As Feenics continues to refine its mobile support Users can expect to see functionality in the UI that can only be used with the mobile app(s).
New Features / Enhancements
• Removed the QR code next to the person’s identification photo.
• Keep will now tell you how many recipients did not receive a mass notification.
• When login security is set to “high” users will receive “Login Failed” on a failed attempt.
• Set query limit of 1000 results to the cards list for improved system performance.
• Instance Licenses will be auto refreshed when Keep is first launched.
• Entering a MAC address using hyphens will now default to colons.
• Added a placeholder identification photo for people without one.
• Added additional permissions to the people editor.
• Global Search now supports drag and drop functionality for people.
• Improved Global Search results and functionality.
• Added Holiday ranges.
• Added OSDP reader support.
• Added Time and Attendance report for designated IN/OUT readers.
• Opening a card from global search now opens the person and their card assignments, rather than the card assignment editor.
• Reports can now be saved in xlsx format which allow for a larger number of rows to be saved.
• Added placeholder “no image available” for events with no PersonID image attached.
• Users can now attach and view photos for alarm acknowledgements for events.
• Removed some system procedures from appearing in the global search results.
• Added more thorough results to the global search engine.
• Added the ability to right click and rename reports in the Manage Reports window.
Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue where sorting by mobile phone would generate errors.
• Fixed an issue with user generated “Always” schedules.
• Fixed an issue where downloading a local Silverlight install would not work.
• Fixed an error where submitting a search ending with a space would generate an error.
• Fixed an issue when attempting to notify an individual in a large database, the person would not return in the query.
• Fixed an issue with duplicate “Disconnected from Event Publisher” messages.
• Corrected issue where door groups would not appear in the global search.
• Corrected an issue where badge types could not be opened from the global search results.
• Corrected issue with Audio Instructions assigned at the Alarm Priority Default level not being attached to events.
• Fixed issue where you could sometimes not find the people to send an SMS to because of a query limit.
• Fixed a bug where the reader report would fail if no REX/DC was attached.
• Fixed an issue where the save Changes dialogue was being displayed even though nothing has changed.
• Fixed an issue where false acknowledgement notes could be saved to an event.
• Fixed a bug where instructions would appear in event history but not live monitoring.
• Fixed a bug where sending a notification with {PersonDisplayText} would return “PersonDisplayText” if the value was null.
• Corrected a bug where onboard/rim1e devices could be addressed incorrectly.
• Prevented user from opening objects that no longer exist through global search results.
• Fixed an issue where event history reports based on an event type would return null.
• Fixed a bug where “no image available” would not show in the badge template designer.
• Fixed a bug where the onboard interface could not be selected if a Sallis router was added downstream.
• Fixed an issue where hardware panel would sometimes fail to report all statuses before being refreshed.

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