Keep – Release Notes 16.4

Release 16.4 @ December, 2016.


  • Note that this product is in maintenance mode as Feenics works to release its new platform. (Don’t worry, we’re still improving it, just a little slower than usual)

New Features / Enhancements

  • Modified import camera options in VideoXpert server settings so that it is more intuitive to the user.
  • Added the Access Rights report to the generate report list.
  • Duplicate PIN codes can now exist within a single person (many cards).
  • Added the time of Event within the alarm acknowledgement window.
  • Added right click -> View Event History for all hardware devices within the hardware tree.
  • Added more detail to audit logs for activating procedures.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error occurring when using the expression editor to create custom alarm definitions.
  • Corrected the bit structure for card format preset HID 35 Bit Corporate 1000.
  • Fixed a bug allowing users to delete their own account from the Accounts Window.
  • Fixed a bug within the VideoXpert player where pressing play while in a paused state may crash the application.
  • Inactive cards will now be returned by the global search.

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