Keep – Release Notes 16.1

Release 16.1 @ April 1, 2016.


  • • Also see some of the tools we’ve created which are available in our technical certification program.

New Features / Enhancements

  • • Added support for Allegion NDE wireless gates & locksets over RS485.
  • • Added Support for M5 Devices
    • FN-M5-IC, Intelligent Controller
    • FN-M5-COM, Power & RS485 communications bridge
    • FN-M5-2RP, 2 reader interface module, 4 inputs, 6 outputs
    • FN-M5-2SRP, 2 supervised reader interface module, 4 in, 6 out
    • FN-M5-8RP, 8 supervised reader interface module
    • FN-M5-20IN, 20 auxiliary input module
    • FN-M5-16DOR, 16 auxiliary output module
    • FN-M5-16DO, 16 digital relay module
    • FN-M5-2K, 4 reader interface module, 18 inputs, 12 outputs
    • • Cameras can now be added to floor plans, and viewed by single clicking.

Bug Fixes

    • • Fixed an issue where the Keep Management Client would require two saves to successfully create new databases.
    • • Fixed an issue where the Audit Log History report would fail to generate.
    • • Modified the Access Rights Report template to be more concise.
    • • Improved some existing reports
    • o Removed duplicate text from the Output Summary Report.
    • o Removed duplicate text from the All Cards Expiring Report.
    • o Removed duplicate text from the Active Cards Last Users report and reorganized the filtering.
    • o Removed duplicate text from the Input Summary Report.
    • o Card Deactivation report now includes much richer data.
    • o People report now allow time filters to be set on date dependent custom attributes.
    • • Fixed an issue where the Event Archiver could timeout during the deletion of events.

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