Keep – Release Notes 15.4

Release 15.4 @ 2015-12-3
• If you generated holidays many years into the future you may have to reconfigure your thanksgiving holidays. Luckily you can simply delete your holiday set and generate it with the new and improved logic.
• Video Player has been replaced. To download the new client select file -> Download video player.
New Features / Enhancements
• Removed Restore Defaults from the System Settings.
• Added Support for Bosch D7412GV4 Panel.
• Implemented New Keep Video player client.
• Integrated Tailgating detection with Cognimatics & Axis Cameras.
• Removed the Print button from the badge designer.
• Interactive Voice Response no longer requires a mobile access seat.
• Users can now right click and select the expression editor for SMS, email, and IVR configurable fields.
• Modified display text in Triggers & Procedures to be more clear.
• When an alarm is acknowledged all users will see the update in real-time as long as they are in the same partition.
• Server event logging has been optimized to minimize the risk of message queues becoming unstable.
• Improved some messages in the service log monitor.
• Changed IVR Code to “Unique ID” and added tooltip inside the reader configuration window.
• Added Floor Number & Acknowledged columns to the event history window.
• Improved connectivity of the Event Publisher.
• The generic I/O address is now specified within the reader I/O (Strike, Door Contact, Rex)
• All new QR codes have been improved to update dynamically when changes are made to the card assignment.
Bug Fixes
• Reports selected in the generate report window now focus on an existing window if the report was already open.
• Corrected various typos.
• Corrected an issue where the welcome page would prompt users to save changes if they had a report configured as a favorite item.
• Fixed a bug where Tardiness report would use incorrect timezones.
• Fixed a bug where cards could not be reactivated from the people list.
• American Thanksgiving holiday generation logic has been corrected.
• Fixed an issue where deleting a person would not delete them from the alarm panel.
• Fixed OEM tool so that it now accepts long Authorization Codes.
• Fixed an issue where moving between partitions with the hardware panel.
• Prevented an error message from occurring when using the visual verification to monitor doors.
• Preventing an issue from occurring when opening a persons notes where the operation would fail.

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