Release 15.3 @ 2015-9-14
• Intrusion integration completed for Bosch D9412GV4 Panels.
• Intrusion is only available to licensed instances.
• Mobile app logins are limited by the number of concurrent user licenses.
• ASSA Aperio wireless hubs now supported.
New Features / Enhancements
• Added new Intrusion UI to Hardware Provisioning.
o Added Panels
o Added Zones
o Added Points
o Added Outputs
• Added Intrusion objects to the hardware panel.
• Added Intrusion zones and authorities to Access Levels.
• Added Intrusion configuration to people editor.
• Added permissions for Intrusion functions.
• Improved report descriptions and UI layout.
• Added Aperio Hubs to be added as hardware interfaces.
• Implemented additional card format presets
o HID 35 Bit Corporate-1000
o HID 48 Bit Corporate-1000
o Allegion 40 Bit XceedID Cardtrax
o Allegion 37H Bit No Facility Code
• Added improved user security settings.
o Password strength requirements can be set within system settings.
o Can force password changes every x days.
o Individual users can be set for passwords to never expire.
o Admins can force users to change their password on next login.
o A user can be restricted from changing their password.
• Mobile Access can now be given to a user inside their account settings.
• The hardware panel is now sorted by Type.
• Custom Logos are now available on the main login screen.
• Users can right click and rename reports from the Manage Report window.
• Updated the error text when attempting to save an invalid MAC address.
• Maximum controller limit is now user defined on the server.
• Added placeholder image to people who have yet to capture an identification photo.
• Added more logging to the server for SIO status updates.
• Improved context menu for right clicking and selecting to open a floorplan view versus a floorplan editor.
• Objects within the hardware panel can now be renamed by right clicking and selecting rename.
• Added a search filter to the floorplan creator so that users can quickly find their devices to add to the map.
• Added an array of additional time zones to intelligent controllers.
• When Floor Following is configured the floor number will be displayed in the live monitor at the time of the button being pressed.

Bug Fixes
• Adding custom attributes now display correctly in the audit logs.
• Corrected an issue where extending card expiry date would show UTC time instead of local user time.
• Corrected an issue where favorites inside other partitions would not load.
• Fixed Card Deactivation reports from showing no data when selecting a date/time range.
• Fixed an issue where card deactivation report would sometimes fail.
• Fixed an issue where adding a card/pin larger than 12 digits would produce a false error message.
• Fixed an issue where input latching and non-latching modes would not work.
• Corrected an issue where the long disconnect timeout would fire early.
• Fixed an issue where if you had an active event definition window open while logging off you would receive an error message.
• Corrected issue where HID DLL would receive the date incorrectly.
• Fixed a bug where users would manually have to refresh hardware status after saving a reader.
• Fixed a bug where a badge type default expiry date would always show 1 year when loading the window.
• Fixed a bug where display name changes for triggers & procedures would sometimes conflict with one another.
• Fixed an issue where adding a reader to a door group would not give immediate access if the door group was already in an access levels.
• Corrected a problem where opening a floorplan with no hardware attached would generate an error message.

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