Scalability. Performance. Power.

The FN-C3200 is an intelligent access control platform for enterprise-wide performance and is best deployed in systems where high-end capabilities and network-ready capacity are required.

The FN-C3200 is a powerful intelligent controller with native network support and is scalable to 64 doors/openings. Built on the Authentic Mercury access control platform, the controller provides an Ethernet ready, fault-tolerant panel that can efficiently manage a large network of access panels in any system design.

The high-performance FN-C3200 uses an Ethernet link to connect to a Keep by Feenics server and supports a redundant downstream communications for access control and alarm management — all in a single package.

Capable of elaborate processes and procedures without host intervention, the intelligent controller, once programmed, can function independently of the host. It also supports a range of embedded functionality and interfaces with an array of Mercury hardware devices, all while providing the decision-making oversight that each every system configuration requires.

For high device counts, large cardholder populations and high volume system activity, the FN-C3200 is an ideal controller platform.


Multi-Facility Code Support
Multi-Reader Technology Support
Fault-tolerant communications capability
UL 294 Recognized


Scaleable to 64 doors/openings
Network enabled and web configured
Proven performance track record as an aggregator and device manager for small to large enterprise.
Capable of sophisticated functionality without being connected to host

Technical Data

PRIMARY POWER: 12-24 Vdc +/- 10%, 300mA maximum

INPUTS: 2 dedicated: tamper and power monitor

SERIAL PORTS: Primary 10/100 Ethernet, Port 1: RS-232, 2-wire, RS-485, Modem. Port 2 RS-485, 2-wire. Port 3 RS-485, 2-wire.

DIMENSIONS: 5.0″ x 6.0″ x1.0″ (127mm x 152mm x 25mm)

TEMPERATURE: 0-70°C operational, -55-85°C storage


CONNECTIVITY: Primary Port: 10/100 Ethernet, IP Client, TLS Encrypted.

ACCESS CONTROL: 600 000 Cardholders, 50 000 Transaction buffer. 32 Access Levels per cardholder. Activation/Deactivation dates. 19 digit (64-bit) UserId and 15 digit PIN numbers maximum. Activation/Deactivation Dates. If/Then Macro capability, Anti-passback support. Nested area, hard, soft, or timed forgiveness.

CARD FORMATS: 8 active card formats per FN-C3200. PIV-II, CAC, TWIC card compatible.

ALARM MANAGEMENT: Normally open/Normally closed, unsupervised, supervised. Standard or custom end-of-line resistances.

STANDARDS: UL294 Recognized, CE Compliant, ROHS, FCC Part 15 Class A, NIST Certified Encryption

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