Access Control Platform for interfacing a single door opening.

The Access Platform FN-C1501 is the next-generation intelligent cornerstone of an access system, providing its first reader capability. The FN-C1501 seamlessly interfaces a single opening with a larger system for easy expansion. Providing all the intelligence and functionality of the Mercury family of controllers, the FN-C1501 is PoE capable and sets the standard for powerful, reliable performance, all at an economical price point for OEMs.

The FN-C1501 is expandable up to 8 downstream SIO controllers and up to (16) FN-RIM1e network ready door controllers for a total of 17 doors. Easy installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE) makes this the top choice for a single door controller.

Once configured the FN-C1501 functions independently of the host and is capable of controlling access and managing elaborate processes such as relating selected system devices and their activity to other onboard devices, allowing actions and activities to transpire without host intervention.

Offering powerful flexibility, the FN-C1501 is capable of interfacing with an array of reader technologies for a single opening. Reader ports support separate in/out readers and technologies that include Wiegand, clock and data, RS-485, magnetic stripe, keypads, LCD and biometrics.

The result is the flexibility, versatility and reliability you need for system success. Leverage Mercury’s market acceptance and proven track record to bring your system or product to the market forefront.


Multi-Facility Code Support
Multi-Reader Technology Support
AES 128 bit data encryption
Configurable auxiliary point control and monitoring
HSPD-12/FIPS201 Compliant
UL 294 Recognized
Universal I/O device characterization


Affordable flexibility for 2 doors
Supports external OEM network connectivity
Reliably support a wide variety of sensors and control technologies
Easy to install

Technical Data

POWER INPUT: PoE Power Input 12.95W, compliant to IEEE 802.3af or 12Vdc ±10% 900 mA maximum power supply. Note: For UL instal- lations, POE powered devices shall not be used, power for these devices must be provided by an UL 294 listed power limited source (12Vdc).

POWER OUTPUTS: 12Vdc @ 650mA including reader and AUX output

READER INTERFACE: Reader Power: PoE: 12 Vdc±10% or local power supply (12Vdc). (PTC limited 150mA max)

INPUTS: 2 general purpose programmable circuit type, and dedicated tamper

OUTPUTS: 2 relays Form C, 2A @ 30Vd

READER PORTS: Two TTL reader ports or one 2-wire RS-485 reader port capable of supporting two readers. KEYPAD: Multiplexed with card data LED: TTL compatible

BUZZER: Only with ‘one-wire’ LED

DIMENSIONS: Without Bracket – 5.5” (140mm)W x 2.75” (70mm)L x 0.96” (24mm)H With Bracket – 5.5”(140mm)W x 3.63”(92mm)L x 1.33”(34mm)H

TEMPERATURE: 0-77°C operational, -55-85°C storage


CONNECTIVITY: Primary Port: 10/100 Ethernet

DOOR CONTROL: One physical barrier can be controlled using single or paired readers. Two reader ports: Mag, Wiegand, or RS-485 (RS-485 on one reader port capable of supporting two readers). 2 supervised inputs, 2 relays. Diagnostic LEDs. Dedicated tamper input.

ACCESS CONTROL:240,000Cardholders,50,000Transaction buffer. 32 Access Levels per cardholder. 19 digit (64-bit) UserId and 15 digit PIN numbers maximum. Activation/Deactivation Dates. If/Then Macro capability.

CARD FORMATS: 8 active card formats per FN-C1501. PIV-II, CAC, TWIC card compatible. Anti-passback support. Nested area, hard, soft, or timed forgiveness.

ALARM MANAGEMENT: Normally open/Normally closed, unsuper- vised, supervised. Standard or custom end-of-line resistances.

STANDARDS: UL294 Recognized, CE Compliant, ROHS, FCC Part 15 Class A, NIST Certi ed Encryption

This information is subject to change without notice