Feenics offers mobile apps to its end users to get the most out of Access Control. These mobile apps allow users to monitor their favorite doors, keep tabs on cardholders, issue door commands, enroll new people, modify access levels, manage card assignments, check up on their hardware, and much more.


For more details please see below for complete product explanations, common use cases, and even some screenshots. View Brochure.



Keep Notified

Keep Notified does just what the name suggests. This mobile application will keep you notified of all activity at your favorite doors. Connect the app to your Keep by FeenicsTM Access Control Instance and login with your mobile activated user name and password. Your device will be immediately registered to receive push notifications any time there’s an event at any of your favorite doors. From your lock screen, home screen or inside the app itself you will be able to view the event. Every access grant or deny; every anti-passback violation; or pending grant confirmation. From your favorites list you can swipe across any of your doors and execute an immediate command: Pulse (momentary unlock), Secure (return door to secured online mode); or even Lock Down (reader disabled). Keep Notified is part of the Keep Mobile family of applications. From the context menu of your favorite reader you can tap History which will open Keep Monitor, the event monitoring and management application. Tap on a person’s image in the event detail to switch to Keep Personnel, the card holder management application.

Use Cases

  • Used by warehouse managers to be notified any time someone enters the stock room.
  • Used by receptionists to be notified any time someone is at the front door (use a door bell button as an input that is then marked as your favorite).
  • Used by a remote manager to be notified when the staff have arrived at work.
  • Used by managers of clean rooms to clear individuals through “Check before Grant”  air locks.

Keep Monitor

Keep Monitor connects you through your mobile device to all that is important in your Keep Access Control system. Connect your device to your Keep instance by your username and password, and you’ll be able to subscribe to any class of access control or Intrusion alarm event that Keep generates. Subscribe to events at a high level based strictly on priority level, or at a more granular level, right down to a specific event at a specific monitoring point.  Regardless, you’ll be notified when the event occurs, using your device’s native push notification service, even if your not currently running the app. With Keep Monitor you can always review the event history at any access point, drill into a specific event, review any special instructions attached to the event, and then add your own acknowledgements, including attaching a photo using your devices camera. All Events that you acknowledge using your mobile app are immediately seen as acknowledged in the Keep Database.

Use Cases

  • Used by security personnel to live monitor while on patrol.
  • Used by security personnel to document text and images related to alarms, and perform mobile acknowledgment.

Keep Personnel

Using Keep Personnel on your mobile device, your never far from your personnel data. A quick search of your directory of people, by any text field and you can immediately view all their contact information. Update their ID photo using your device’s camera; modify access levels on the fly; temporarily deactivate a lost or stolen card; or view event history. Using Keep Personnel, you can also enroll new card holders while your on the go. All updates that you make are immediately applied to your Keep Access Control database, and all card and access level changes are immediately pushed to all the access control hardware in your organization.

Use Cases

  • Used by property management to deactivate lost or stolen credentials.
  • Used by security personnel  or receptionists to verify  enrollment.