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Cloud-based access control through your preferred web browser.

Keep by Feenics provides users with a fully web-enabled solution for the configuration, commanding and real time monitoring of physical access control installations. Because Keep is fully web-enabled, there is no software to install on the end users desktop making it accessible from anywhere. The user interface is a single page experience, even for features such as photo capture, cropping and ID badge printing. A broad range of window layouts, complimented by display scaling, allow a user to customize their Keep with as little or as much information as they wish. Keep by Feenics is a solution that does not require a dedicated, on-site server, making it less expensive for the end user and lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

Keep's Unique Features Include

1-Click Configurable Lock Down

1-Click configurable lock down makes it easy, and most importantly fast. With a single click lock down your whole facility, or just select doors. In emergencies it’s important to secure your facility without delay.

Custom Welcome Page

Keep’s default home page can be customized to display any information you wish to deliver. Integrators and resellers of Keep by Feenics can display their branding and any new product or service information to their users. Large scale property management installations can use Keep’s welcome page to push information to their tenants.

Two-Factor Authentication

Using Google Authenticator, add an extra layer of security to your Keep. Consisting of the password you know, and the randomly generated code produced on your smart phone or mobile device Two-Factor authentication is the ultimate protection for your Keep.


Commonly used functions in Keep can be saved as ‘Favourites’ for quicker access. Receptionist frequently unlocking the front door for deliveries? Add it as a favourite and unlock it as quick as you can click your mouse.

Holiday Generator

Holidays need not be manually programmed into your schedules. Set your location and generate a list of holidays tailored to your region for a given period of time.

Live Monitoring

With live monitoring active, see events displayed in real time. No page refreshes required adding to the single page immersive experience.

Global SMS & E-mail Notifications

Keep can be used to push SMS and E-mail notifications to all enrolled people. School campuses cancelling classes for a snow day can alter their schedule to lock doors, as well as notify their whole student body through Keep.

Global ‘Browser-Style’ Search

A mainstay of the Keep interface. Instantly find any information by typing in a few key words, just like your favourite search engine. 


Keep Works with Industry Leaders

A Keep system is ‘Hardware Agnostic’. Your facility will be secured by industry leading hardware that is field proven over decades of reliable use. that means the same hardware that secures government offices, banks and high profile companies will secure your doors as well. Keep’s platform independence gives you the ultimate assurance in your hardware investment.

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