Enterprise Class, Cloud-Based Access Control that Provides Rocket Fuel for your Security Operations.

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With business and security requirements constantly changing, the Keep access control platform is scalable from one door to global enterprise environments. And, it provides the ultimate in choice to manage your security infrastructure and integrate a broad range of complementary systems, or third-party applications using a single API.

RESTful API makes it possible to fully interact with the Keep data for greater agility, to connect easily applications to systems both inside and outside the enterprise. From video, intrusion detection, to IoT, building automation and other applications, Keep helps you upgrade your access control requirements to create more secure, connected and smarter environments.

The solution also supports future technologies and applications to ensure your access control system is interoperable with the latest advances in the market.

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Keep’s Unique Features Include


Develop and deploy easily using one common API. Interfacing to multiple systems and devices can be easily integrated into your infrastructure using the same API.

Two-Factor Authentication

At login to ACaaS for an additional layer of protection, reducing security risks of weak passwords.

Native Visitor Management

Robust features in a single user interface. (optional).

Powerful (Mobile) App

One app with robust features to alert, command and control the facility using iOS or Android devices.

Native Mass Notification

Keep can be used to push SMS and E-mail notifications to all enrolled people. Schools cancelling classes for a snow day can alter their schedule to lock doors, and notify their whole student body.

Real-time Alarm Events

Low latency with no need to refresh in order to update the system.

Automatic Backups

99.999% uptime via multi-server redundancy and load balancing that virtually eliminates service disruption or lost connections and provides client disaster recovery, without additional servers.

Vulnerability Testing

Combines proven, continuous 3rd party threat monitoring and vulnerability scanning through Veracode and Amazon Web Services.

How It Works


Keep Works with Industry Leaders

A Keep system is ‘Hardware Agnostic’. Your facility will be secured by industry leading hardware that is field proven over decades of reliable use. That means the same hardware that secures government offices, banks and high profile companies will secure your doors as well. Keep’s platform independence gives you the ultimate assurance in your hardware investment.

Access Control Hardware