Replace your pen and paper visitor logbooks using Keep by Feenics Visitor Management! Control visitor registration, verification, and check-in/check-out from the same Windows or Web client you use to operate your Keep by Feenics cloud-based Access Control as a Service security platform.

Keep’s native Visitor Management module unifies your employee and visitor records into a single seamlessly integrated system. Uniform access control protocols, policies, and auditing can be configured so that your employees can trust that random individuals do not have unfettered access to your facility.

Keep Visitor Management allows organizations to keep detailed information on visitors. Records for companies or contractors visiting your facilities can contain their assigned projects, working hours, manager contacts, as well as start/end dates to their visit.

Enrollment is easy and efficient. Visitors can be pre-enrolled through either the Keep Windows App or Visitor Web Client. Organizations can also allow visitors to self-enroll using a Keep VM tablet-based Kiosk.

Visitor security can further be enhanced when combined with a supported digital video integration. For example, video verification can be performed when visitors enter the facility or other public areas such as gated parking lots or garages. And for high-security applications, multi-factor authentication can be enforced at secure checkpoints to include PIN numbers and/or biometric verification.

Advanced usage of analytical data found in Keep Visitor Management reports allows your organization to track visitor flow throughout your facility, giving you key insights on high traffic areas so you can optimize your space to meet potential physical distancing guidelines.

And with Keep Visitor Management, a complete audit trail of visitor activity is recorded including host information, check-in/check-out times, and readers accessed during their visit.

Additional Functionality

  • Manage visits with the Keep Windows app or Web client
  • Driver’s license/passport scanner support
  • Assign temporary badges with access levels and expirations
  • Issue mobile credentials to minimize visitor touchpoints
  • Create Restricted / Banned Access lists
  • Supports popular badge/label printers
  • Create custom release forms or wellness questionnaires