NEW – Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The Keep Alert add-on now includes interactive voice response allowing people to dial in and simulate a card read without needing a badge/fob.

Keep Alert

Keep Alert is a modern and easy way to keep enrolled users informed through email and SMS messages.  When used as a global messaging system, Keep alert can notify those who are enrolled of events such as, fire alarm testing, inclement weather cancellations, changes to your access control system schedule, or any other system wide messages.  Keep Alert can also be configured to send a message to management or security when a designated alarm is triggered. Keep Alert is invaluable for property management, educational and health care campuses or other large scale access control applications.  It’s just another way Feenics strives to modernize access control and ensure your property and valuable assets are as secure as possible. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Feenics provides a unique phone number for your instance based off of your preferred location.
  • Bulk blocks of text messages can then be purchased and topped up as needed.
  • Users send out notifications manually or set up automated alerts.