Basic End User Training…. For Free!
Feenics has created a set of training videos intended for brand new users so that they can better understand the application. This set includes a total of 8 videos with a combined duration of 50 minutes. When viewing the playlist please keep in mind that the videos were designed to be viewed sequentially.

Video Summary:
1. Navigation – The first video hopes to help the user better navigate the application so that they can efficiently manoeuvre themselves around the app.
2. Logbook & Notes – This video shows how to make use of the activity log as well as implement valuable notes throughout the application.
3. People Management – Users are shown common ways to manage all of the people in the system.
4. Card Management – Emphasizes how simple it is to promote a person to a cardholder.
5. Report Management – Reports are shown in this video so that users can save data for latest use or to be shared with other staff.
6. Alarm Monitoring – This video gives operators an idea of how they might view incoming events & alarms and how to handle them.
7. Hardware – A brief introduction to hardware is shown in this video to help users understand the physical devices maintaining their facilities.
8. Demonstration – Finally, a recap video puts all of the basic skills together to demonstrate common use cases for day to day system users.


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