Quickly respond to system events & alarms by launching pre-configured cameras.
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Complete control of alarm panels, areas, points, outputs, and user access.
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Keep your cardholder records updated with Active Directory data synchronization.
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Video Management Integration with Keep by Feenics

Feenics has partnered with industry leading Video Management Systems to bring best-in-class surveillance to your Access Control Solution. It’s as easy as downloading the Video player plugin for your preferred VMS and importing existing cameras into Keep. Customized views provide a single click response to priority alarms at any linked object (doors, glass breaks, sirens, etc) and if a crucial frame is captured, it can be saved directly to the alarm acknowledgement for ongoing investigation or shared among security operators. Video clips associated with alarms can be quickly exported from the player and archived to your desired data store. Video is pulled directly from the VMS to your local machine (using the plugin), meaning you don’t have to worry about bandwidth to/from your cloud solution.

Import cameras from existing servers
Define pre/post playback times as desired
Acknowledge active alarms from the video player
Attach frames direct to events for post analysis
Customize multi-camera layouts using views
Export crucial video clips with a single click
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Intrusion System Integration with Keep by Feenics

Intrusion integration begins with Bosch RPS by quickly importing all your existing data. Using Keep by Feenics you can monitor and command your intrusion zones, points, outputs, and panels all in real-time. You also have the ability to implement a floorplan design that includes your intrusion, access control, and video management systems all-in-one. Multiple panels, multiple passcodes, manage them all from a single person record. Using our platform also means that you can take advantage of the customizable eventing & notification system provided by Feenics, which includes email/sms/push notification when your alarm is triggered. All our interfaces are available to you (web, windows, mobile) so that if you’re halfway home and forgot to arm the system, just tap.

Generate Open & Close reports
Complete Import from Bosch RPS
Manage Multiple Passcodes across Many Panels
Arm/Disarm Zones
Live Point & Zone Status
Custom Alarm Notifications
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LDAP/Active Directory Integration with Keep by Feenics

Keep Data Sync (KDS) allows users to synchronize data between LDAP or Active Directory and Keep, including other systems like HR, payroll, etc. that pull data into Active Directory. KDS enables customers to manage card assignments, badge types, and other important data within their Active Directory environment, rather than within Keep. A common use case is the ability to deactivate badges when employees are terminated or “disabled” in Active Directory. Additionally, KDS can leverage Custom Forms within Keep providing additional query capabilities in Active Directory. This can include things like employee ID’s, training information, and building numbers. Queries can be created to sync any data that is entered by way of Keep Custom Forms. You can also run multiple queries with different synchronization times to allow customers the flexibility of how and how often KDS synchronizes data.

Automatically revoke employee access upon termination
Define Custom Synchronization Intervals
Assign Access based on Active Directory values
Import Identification Photos
Maintain Employee Data Across Systems
Share Specialized Data using Custom Forms
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