The CloudForce Advantage

CloudForce is a group of distinguished, best-in-class systems integrators whose performance, customer support, and commitment to cloud-based solutions align with Feenics’ foundational principles. CloudForce creates win-win scenarios for everyone within the Feenics Keep Ecosystem, including most notably our system users.

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Why Partner with a CloudForce Alliance Member


CloudForce Alliance members have considerable experience installing and supporting our Keep by Feenics flagship Access Control as a Service platform.
You won’t be their first rodeo!

Highly Skilled, Customer Focused

CloudForce Alliance members heavily invest in the education of their sales and technical teams in order to best serve your wide ranging security needs. Plus, they show a consistent track record of putting their customers first.

Technology Alignment, Future Proof

CloudForce Alliance members embrace cloud-based solutions and understand the value it brings to your organization. From open architecture platforms, to serverless solutions and best of breed integration partners, CloudForce members provide rocket fuel for your security operations and set you up for today as well as tomorrow.

Leverage Community

CloudForce Alliance members are able to collaborate with each other to share best practices, new findings, and technology updates. It’s like leveraging the synergistic capabilities of the entire alliance.

Our CloudForce Alliance Members Rock!

“Our CloudForce Alliance Partners operate on another level when it comes to working knowledge of our products and architecture. Simply put, customers who partner with a CloudForce Alliance Partner are in great hands.” 

– Sam Shalaby, Founder and CEO, Feenics

“I love the value CloudForce brings to our end user community. Members in this alliance have shown a consistent ability to solve complex problems with cost effective, customer first solutions. Some of our happiest customers partner with a CloudForce Alliance Member.”

– Paul DiPeso, Executive Vice President, Feenics

 “All things being equal, look for the CloudForce shield. Their knowledge of Keep combined with a deep technical bench put them a step above the rest.”

– Brian Matthews, Director of Sales, Feenics