It is an experience we’ve all been through dozens of times. There is a new app out for our mobile phone, it could be for our latest credit card, our bank, hotel rewards program, email, or just the weather. We download it, enter a username and password, agree to the terms and maybe fill out a few more fields.

So, when we see a demo for that new access control and security management platform, we are shown the “mobile app” and think that the user experience will be no different. We are lead to believe that it will work from anywhere. That if I’m home and I get the call that someone needs to be let in the door, or they lost their badge and I’ll simply open the app, deactivate the badge or open the door. Unfortunately, when the customer has a legacy on premises system, they learn that their “mobile app” doesn’t work when they need it the most.

This can be the case whether the legacy system is a standard windows server, embedded appliance or a simple low cost system all in one panel based system.  What isn’t articulated well in the product demonstration and selection process is that it is not a true mobile app out of the box.  In order for the “mobile app” to be truly mobile and work on any network, anywhere in the world there is a large burden that will require IT support to be done properly.  It may require setting up a cumbersome VPN connection for the app to work off network or configuring a web server and opening the right ports in the fire wall in able to connect to the server that sits inside the building.  All of this leads to more system cost, maintenance and security vulnerabilities.

That experience is the exact opposite of the true mobile apps that we all consume in our daily lives.  This is due to the delivery mechanisms built into cloud platforms.  The ease of use that we have come to expect from most mobile apps is what Feenics provides out of the box.  Feenics was built on the AWS cloud and provides an experience that customers and consumers have come to expect.

Finally tying convenience and mobility together should be a strong cyber security stance.  Mobile apps should be secure by design.  They should not require customers and consumers to go through steps in order to make the product work securely.  Encryption should be default and there should be no option to turn it off.  There should be no port forwarding or inbound ports in use or again IT will have security headaches to deal with.  Feenics provides a secure mobile app that performs without requiring any hassle on the part of our customers just as it should be.

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