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Why Migrating to Our Latest Platform is Important.

Moving Forward With Keep By Feenics

If you’re an existing Feenics customer then it’s likely you’ve heard the terms “V2” or “V3”, so what’s the difference and why should you care?

“V2” is the second iteration of the Keep by Feenics Platform (we don’t talk about V1) which uses a SQL back end and provides the user access through a Microsoft Silverlight web application… typically through a web browser. If you’re logging into your Keep by Feenics Solution by typing “” into a browser, this article was written for you.

So why does Feenics want you to move to their latest “V3” platform? During the architecting of this platform we made the strategic choice of moving to a NoSQL database called MongoDB, this was primarily due to its efficiency and scalability. We also decided to make not just one, but three user interfaces that allow users to choose between Web, Windows, or a Mobile experience. Our team is also hard at work expanding and developing new Integrations as we evolve with our customers.

Those GUIs, Integrations, along with a number features are the sizzle that your sales rep would love to demonstrate to you…. and for some of our more technical users, there are a few things our Engineers would hope you can appreciate.

The V3 platform has been architected to offer a superior cloud product by leveraging Amazon Web Services. Using their robust and proven infrastructure Feenics provides near infinite scalability, crucial data encryption, and is able to deploy servers to bolster load balancers in a matter of seconds. Feenics has also invested considerably in our V3 RESTful API which unifies all applications, integrations, and custom projects. This makes life much better for all consumers of the platform.

What You Should Take Away From This Article
  1. Our new platform is amazing
  2. There’s a 90% chance you’ll be grandfathered in
  3. More Apps & Features
  4. More Power & Security
  5. More Reliability

If you’d like additional information feel free to reach us by emailing (Sizzle) or (Steak).

Cloud Computing Tackles Emerging Cyber Threats

Cyber threats and ransomware attacks are no match for cloud computing design-built from the ground up for information technology security. In physical security, particularly access control, the history of hacking formerly focused solely on stopping unauthorized users from duplicating or cloning information housed on cards and other devices. Now, it’s all about stopping criminals from gaining access to or attacking a customer’s network and its data through vulnerabilities in their physical security systems…

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Basic User Tutorials

Basic End User Training…. For Free!
Feenics has created a set of training videos intended for brand new users so that they can better understand the application. This set includes a total of 8 videos with a combined duration of 50 minutes. When viewing the playlist please keep in mind that the videos were designed to be viewed sequentially.

Video Summary:
1. Navigation – The first video hopes to help the user better navigate the application so that they can efficiently manoeuvre themselves around the app.
2. Logbook & Notes – This video shows how to make use of the activity log as well as implement valuable notes throughout the application.
3. People Management – Users are shown common ways to manage all of the people in the system.
4. Card Management – Emphasizes how simple it is to promote a person to a cardholder.
5. Report Management – Reports are shown in this video so that users can save data for latest use or to be shared with other staff.
6. Alarm Monitoring – This video gives operators an idea of how they might view incoming events & alarms and how to handle them.
7. Hardware – A brief introduction to hardware is shown in this video to help users understand the physical devices maintaining their facilities.
8. Demonstration – Finally, a recap video puts all of the basic skills together to demonstrate common use cases for day to day system users.


Release 16.3.2 Now Live on Production servers!

As usual, head on over to the release notes to see a complete list of change sets. Some highlights include the new Entry/Exit report, Improved application security, BLE Tamper support for NDE locksets, and my personal favourite……. Users are no longer allowed to issue thousands of reboots to an offline IC! (Slight exaggeration)

Let us know if you have any questions.

Feenics Enables New Schneider Electric Cloud-Hosted Security Management Solution

LAS VEGAS – April 11, 2016 – Feenics, Ottawa, Can., announced a strategic partnership with Schneider Electric, Dallas, and its new AccessXpert cloud-ready security management solution. Unveiled at ISC West 2016, AccessXpert provides building owners, managers and security personnel with mobile access, intrusion detection, access control, alarm management and other systems from anywhere, any time. In addition, it merges security with Schneider Electric’s SmartStruxure building management system (BMS) to enable clearer decisions, faster responses and maximum facility efficiency. AccessXpert is enabled by Feenics’ cloud-hosting capabilities to deliver advanced security, access control and alarm notification features that can be managed on premise or in the cloud and supported by worldwide access control leader Mercury Security, Long Beach, Calif. The user-friendly platform and easy-to-use mobile applications enable core security systems, such as ID badging, real-time alarm management and wireless lock systems by Allegion and ASSA ABLOY to be integrated with the BMS, providing a simple interface to bridge historically disparate systems. Paul DiPeso, executive vice president of Feenics, said enterprise users will more fully be able to leverage and use the power of the cloud to efficiently manage the entire security. “AccessXpert is the perfect solution for those looking to modernize their security infrastructure without having to make significant IT investments,” DiPeso continued. “We are proud to help put comprehensive security management power into the hands of building owners and facility managers through this collaborative effort with Schneider Electric and Mercury Security.” Jim Sandelin, senior vice president, Buildings, Schneider Electric, said AccessXpert marks an evolution of intelligent building integration that aligns security and sustainability for enhanced building efficiency and performance. “Today’s security professionals operate in a constantly changing, on-the-move environment and need access to critical data from their laptops, tablets or smartphones. With Feenics cloud security and access control management and Mercury Security hardware, we are providing an open, streamlined management solution for today’s on-the-move security staff. The latest version of the award-winning Keep™ by Feenics includes new mobile apps as well as faster, real-time alarm management, increased functionality and enhanced scalability. Contact Feenics today to learn more about the new partnership with Schneider Electric and to learn more about Keep by Feenics.

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Exciting Announcement!

We at Feenics have been waiting patiently to share this exciting news with all of you!  Announced yesterday, April 6th, 2016 at ISC West:

“With a robust access control software platform from Feenics, AccessXpert moves into the cloud enabling access anywhere, anytime. Schneider Electric brings its long standing commitment to integrated, smart buildings, integrating AccessXpert to its StruxureWare BMS software platform with full BACnet support.”

See the full press release here:  AccessXpert Launch