Top 5 Fears of Cloud Computing

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The stage is set. Cloud computing continues to rise in deployments, with users citing economic advantages, speed, agility, flexibility, elasticity and ongoing innovation.
We’re entering the realm of “everything as a service” and that includes physical security provided by Cloud-hosted security management systems (SMS). Systems integrators who can successfully adopt and offer Cloud-hosted security and access control solutions will find themselves well-positioned for the future — with the ability to deliver a wide range of managed and remote services to vertical market customers — while boosting the overall value of their company in the process with sustainable recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

Research by Gartner predicts a substantial shift in information technology spending from traditional hardware and software to Cloud computing over the next five years, with that transfer set to total $1 trillion, according to the firm’s July 2016 findings.

The Cloud has been used for nearly a decade or more in banking and financial processes but one of the biggest objections still hindering full adoption may be an ongoing concern of data security and integrity. As such, there’s a necessary education process for both systems integrators and the end user customer to understand why Cloud-hosting is inherently safe, being “purpose built” for physical security communications and data exchange.
What fears are most commonly voiced by customers and prospects when it comes to Cloud-hosted SMS? Do you know how to address objections by potential clients? Here are the top five fears you may hear from prospects and the information you need to know to dispel lingering doubts.

1. The Cloud’s data may be easily compromised
Nothing is further than the truth. In fact, the Cloud is actually safer than non-hosted environments and its software programs have been specifically engineered for safe data transmissions for the physical security environment. Using the Cloud for access control and physical security management actually equates to heightened cyber and threat protection as opposed to traditional legacy, on-premises server systems.

With Cloud-hosted systems, a multi-layered design brings together data security and data access with added safeguards. A security management system designed from the ground up as a Cloud-based product begins first and foremost with software security. Hosted systems can follow what Microsoft refers to as SD3+C: Secure by Design, Secure by Default and Secure in Deployment in Communications. In addition, encryption further protects the transmission of data between the client and the Cloud-based server using modern Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and is something by default that most Cloud-based solutions provide. SSL is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. SSL encryption, 2048 bit, secures the data connection as opposed to easily hacked Open SSL protocols.

In addition, the most secure Cloud-hosted access control systems also utilize IP Client. Systems with IP Client use outbound ports at the user’s site instead of inbound ports, which greatly reduces the risk of security breaches and data compromise. With IP Client, the IT staff does not have to enable any inbound network ports or set up port forwarding. This helps keep the network secure and lowers the management workload on IT.

Finally, some hardware providers enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption which allows the server and client to authenticate each other and to negotiate an encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys before data is exchanged. In Cloud hosting, manufacturers auto-negotiate the TLS encryption with the controller boards as they initiate contact with the server.

2. Passwords make Cloud-hosting vulnerable
That’s definitely true — when it comes to non-hosted solutions. Passwords can be guessed, recycled or written down and all these factors could compromise the security of an access control system. However, secure, Cloud-hosted solutions don’t use default user names and passwords. Instead each hosted system is issued a unique password and can also provide additional security with two-factor authentication which can be attached to the log-in credentials of any user for an added layer of security. With two-factor authentication user accounts are linked with a second source of verification, i.e. Google authenticator, which generates a code based on a timer or counter. Users must provide this code upon entering their user name and password, which means a perpetrator would need three things in order to access the system: user name, password and access to open the device which generates the two-factor authentication code.

3. Management of Cloud software takes an IT tech
Quite the contrary: once it’s set up, no additional work has to be done. A SaaS access control solution can automatically eliminate the threat of the user losing data due to negligence or being too busy to regularly backup the database. An SMS hosted in the Cloud provides regular, automatic upgrades, daily database backups and full redundancy, eliminating the risk of having all data stored on site.

A reliable product will also provide multi-layered redundancy, meaning that multiple “write” transactions are provided. If the primary database goes down that data would exist at another location and brought back online. A second layer would be point-in-time recovery. This allows the user to restore or recover data or a particular setting from a time in the past, including history reports and recent access control transactions. If the user accidentally deletes records it only takes a quick tech support call to revert the system back to a time point before the error happened.

4. Cloud hosted systems don’t readily scale and can’t integrate legacy components
The Cloud actually provides greater flexibility and scalability of applications, and that equates to better business agility. These solutions offer a more convenient route for both small-to-medium businesses as well as enterprise customers who don’t have to go through the complexity of designing and deploying an on-premises server system.

With off-site hosting, there are no servers or appliances necessary at the customer site. This saves time and money and allows customers to future proof themselves from obsolete technology. In addition, Cloud-based SMS systems offer nearly infinite scalability, from smaller systems to large national/enterprise accounts. Cloud-hosted access control is in most cases a platform that can grow to an infinite number of access points, limited only by the controller’s hardware specifications.

Finally, with legacy equipment and Cloud-hosted solutions, the user isn’t forced into a total rip and replace. Cloud-hosted access control systems are most often hardware agnostic and can be configured for communication with many legacy devices already on site.

5. End users will balk at the price tag
Cloud-hosted solutions actually offer a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the solution. Most users don’t consider the true cost of an on-premises system which includes servers, racks, power and cooling costs, labour hours by the IT staff, operating system updates, firewall configurations, necessary VMware, etc. All these little nuances add up big.

In addition, with offsite Cloud hosting customers don’t need a dedicated IT person to administer programs and configure operating systems, databases and applications. These expenses and ongoing maintenance are alleviated as they are handled by data centres in the Cloud. Users also have access to all software functionality housed in the Cloud and can select the portions they want to manage, such as badge creation and decommissioning of access control permissions. They have choices: the option of having the systems integrator manage the solution, or, administer the system themselves with their choice of connected device, including desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Integrators get the bonus of managed services, which allows them to perform maintenance and service remotely, which equals lower costs for users as opposed to paying for a service call or onsite visit. And, as a tiered solution, customers can expand without costly jumps from entry level to enterprise solutions.

Finally, users will be attracted to the possibility of being able to budget effectively with Cloud-hosted services, which move physical security from a large initial capital outlay or capital expense to an operating expense which can be planned and budgeted for easily.

Today’s systems integration is all about delivering service. And there’s no better way to deliver service in a highly flexible and scalable environment than Cloud-hosting. Cloud hosting for physical security and access control management is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly solution that provides tangible benefits to both systems integrators and end users. The challenge lies in understanding the technology and what it can do and conveying benefits to the customer.

by Brian Matthews-Director of Sales at Feenics, Inc.

Feenics Heads to PSA-TEC 2017 with Award-Winning Cloud-Hosted Access Control Platform Designed for Large Enterprises

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Westminster, Colo.— PSA-TECMay 7-11, 2017—Feenics Inc., a leading provider of cloud-hosted access control and a PSA Security Network Vendor will participate in PSA-TEC 2017, May 7-11 in Westminster, Colo., drawing on the momentum from recent security industry accolades and educating systems integrators on the advantages of flexible and scalable cloud-computing solutions.

Feenics launched its enterprise Keep by Feenics platform earlier this year, winning the prestigious Security Industry Association New Product Showcase (NPS) award in cloud computing and a Most Valuable Product (MVP) accolade. The newest version of Keep V3 provides extreme scalability, unprecedented flexibility and advanced security in a cloud-based Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) solution. Keep V3 integrates native visitor management and a RESTful API that allows systems installers simple integration of a wide array of complementary systems and open hardware devices, generating new revenue streams while creating a path for customers to lower their total cost of system ownership. Feenics will demonstrate Keep during exhibit hours on Wednesday, May 10 at stand A29.

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Feenics Wins Security Industry Association (SIA) Award for Its New Cloud-based Access Control Platform for Enterprises

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada ISC West April 6, 2017 – Feenics Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based access control solutions, today announced it has won the Security Industry Association (SIA) New Product Showcase award in the Cloud Solutions category for its Keep by Feenics enterprise solution. The SIA awards program recognizes the year’s most innovative products, services and solutions in the industry.

“The SIA New Product Showcase award is highly competitive and we are extremely honored that our new enterprise platform for cloud-based access control has been recognized by the preeminent voice in the security industry,” said Denis Hébert, President of Feenics Inc. “This award further validates the important role access control as a service is playing in the security market and it is a profound indicator of the growing adoption of these solutions by organizations large and small.”

Keep by Feenics enables organizations to minimize the cost and complexity of deploying highly available and resilient access control systems, while providing the superior service, data availability and support required today. The solution is built on open architecture hardware and fortified by the security, disaster recovery and redundancy of Amazon Web Services.

Scalable from one door to global enterprise environments, Keep by Feenics provides a new level of flexibility and choice for organizations to manage security infrastructures, integrate third-party applications and reduce capital expenditures.

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Feenics Wins Industry Award for New Cloud-based Access Control Platform

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada ISC West April 5, 2017 – Feenics Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based access control solutions, today announced it has won the Security Sales & Integration Most Valuable Product (MVP) award in the Access Control category for its new Keep by Feenics™ enterprise platform. The award reinforces the company’s commitment to providing flexible and scalable cloud-based solutions that are built for the future of access control.

“We are honored that our new enterprise version of Keep by Feenics has been recognized for its leading integration capabilities that deliver a new level of flexibility and scalability to organizations of all sizes,” said Denis Hébert, President of Feenics Inc. “The award reinforces the value of cloud-based solutions for physical security and points towards a bright future for access control as a service.”

Keep by Feenics is the industry’s most secure and flexible cloud-based access control solution that can be accessed anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection. Built on open architecture hardware and fortified by the security, disaster recovery and redundancy of Amazon Web Services, Keep is scalable from one door to global enterprise environments. It provides the ultimate choice for managing security infrastructures, integrate third-party applications and reduce capital expenditure.

See Keep by Feenics in Action at ISC West 2017 in Las Vegas

Visit the Feenics booth #22135 at ISC West from April 5-7 for live demonstrations of the Keep by Feenics cloud-based access control solution.

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Feenics Launches Cloud-based Access Control Platform for Large Enterprises

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New Keep by Feenics Platform Provides Extreme Scalability and Leverages RESTFul API For Faster Integration and Deployment. Delivers Advanced Security and Ability to Manage Systems Anywhere, Anytime.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada ISC West April 5, 2017 – Feenics Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based access control solutions, today launched its enterprise Keep by Feenics™ platform that delivers extreme scalability, unprecedented flexibility and advanced security. The new cloud-based access control as service (ACaaS) platform integrates native visitor management, and incorporates RESTful API that dramatically simplifies integrating complementary systems plus connecting Keep to applications outside of the organization. The solution’s mobile capabilities also make it possible for customers to monitor and manage systems on the go.

“The new enterprise version of Keep by Feenics solidifies our leadership in the access control as a service space with an agile solution which addresses the need for pre-configured, highly customizable systems that are easy to implement and manage,” said Denis Hébert, President of Feenics Inc. “Keep’s flexible infrastructure is particularly important for security directors in today’s smarter, more connected environments where systems must seamlessly work together.  The solution also has the unique ability to quickly scale up based on an organization’s evolving business and security requirements.”

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Cloud-Hosted Security Gives Comfort & Convenience To Concerned Families

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From: SDM Magazine

The Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan (RMHWM) in Grand Rapids has been serving families of children and youth requiring critical and essential medical care since 1990. The house can accommodate 17 families and offers compassionate support, respectful privacy, and a “home away from home” so families are able to be close to their ill children when they are needed most. A new, cloud-hosted access control and security solution lets parents focus on their child’s health while feeling safe and protected.

When RMHWM underwent a $1.2 million renovation, House Services Director Megan Priester knew it was the perfect time to consider the benefits of upgraded security for the facility. The access control system — a key card solution that required local programming at each individual door — had become cumbersome and hard to manage. It had recurrent failures, including one guest being locked inside their room…


Feenics Rises to Platinum Partner Status with Mercury Security

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Ottawa, Canada – January 17, 2017 – Feenics, Inc., Ottawa, Can., has achieved elite Platinum Partner Status for Mercury Security, Long Beach, Calif., indicative of the company’s commitment to non-proprietary hardware cloud-computing environments. Authentic Mercury Security is one of the most widely used and specified access control hardware brands in the world.

Feenics is the originator of the award-winning Keep by Feenics™ Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) cloud-hosted security management solution (SMS). The partnership lends further credibility to Keep SMS and integration with Authentic Mercury hardware.

“We are very excited to welcome Feenics as a Platinum Partner for the Authentic Mercury platform,” said Matt Barnette, President of Mercury Security. “The partnership has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception and validates the growing trend in the industry to open, cloud-based access control solutions.”

Paul DiPeso, Executive Vice President of Feenics, said “achieving Platinum Partner status with Mercury is a validation of our strategy of teaming with the best field hardware provider in the industry in Mercury, while Feenics focuses solely on developing the most robust, cloud-based, access control solution, to meet the growing needs of the end-user market.  The numbers don’t lie with our rapid growth and we are fortunate to have a tremendous partner in Mercury.  Their support has been second to none.”

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SSI’s 2017 Security Industry Forecast

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Denis Hebert, President, Feenics; Chairman, Security Industry Association (SIA)

From Security Sales & Integration:

The security industry will remain robust over the coming years, yet the focus will be on business continuity and convergence of security services across the enterprise. That said, the influence of IT over the physical security domain will increase, driving standards, imposing cybersecurity considerations, manage compliance and further commoditize hardware devices.

As product commoditization becomes more prevalent, dealers/integrators will need to focus on services, thereby building recurring offerings to end users through subscription-based business models such as the Cloud, value-based contracts, etc.

With the advent of Cloud-based services and alternate suppliers — such as cable/phone, DIY video, etc. — increasing response issues and potential UL considerations, the central station monitoring side of the business will be subject to major competitive pressures.

The manufacturing segment of the value chain has enjoyed safe margins for a long time, but product commoditization will put pressure on this area in the coming years. Those manufacturers capable of assembling or developing Cloud- or service-based offerings will likely be the companies with long-term survivability.

Feenics Expands Headquarters to Handle Fast-Paced Growth

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Ottawa, Can. – October 6, 2016 – Feenics, Ottawa, Can., continues to expand operations, moving into additional spaces and nearly doubling their physical footprint at their existing headquarters to accommodate growth, which included adding President and Equity Partner Denis Hébert and Canadian Sales Director Fadi Hajjar as well as additional software developers.
The startup company launched operations in 2010 and brought its Keep by Feenics™ cloud-hosted access control and security management system (SMS) to market in 2014.
Since then, Feenics has expanded its value-added reseller (VAR) program, adding many top systems integrators as partners, and winning numerous awards for its Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. In addition, the company recently announced a new integration with Allegion/Schlage® NDE Series wireless locks and the launch of AccessXpert Enterprise Security Solution, an OEM partnership with Schneider Electric. Coming to market soon is the newest release of Keep with additional capabilities, unlimited scalability and easy to program and use features available through the intuitive User Interface, with connectivity through smartphones, tablets, laptops and other connected devices.
“The efficiencies, cost effectiveness and power from cloud-hosting is now being realized by both systems integrators and end-user communities,” said Paul DiPeso, Executive Vice President. “It’s an exciting time to witness and be able to propel widespread acceptance by CIO’s and facilities directors on the value of cloud-hosted SMS, especially Keep, which reduces hardware costs and provides a lower total cost of ownership while offering automatic backups, redundancy, real-time updates and scalability. We’re looking forward to additional growth and helping more systems integrators transform their business to include hosted and managed services by using Keep. These services add a new, higher margin, revenue stream to their bottom line while improving their ability to service their customers more effectively.

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Keep by Feenics now with NDE wireless lock support.

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Integration Offers Improved Total Cost of Ownership and More Compatibility for Installers

CARMEL, IND., (Sept. 9, 2016) – Allegion, a leading global security products and solutions provider, has worked with Feenics to provide a new offering that will integrate the Schlage® NDE Series wireless locks with ENGAGE Technology and the Keep by Feenics™ cloud-hosted access control and security management platform. It will debut at the Allegion booth (#2551) as well as the Feenics booth (#2168) during the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International’s 62nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits, held Sept. 12-15 in Orlando, Fla.

“Working with an innovative company like Feenics enables us to provide installers with the benefit of less time spent deploying an access control system while minimizing the everyday disruptions of customers’ business,” said Brad Aikin, electronics portfolio leader at Allegion. “The NDE Series is a cutting-edge product in its own right, and with this latest integration we’ll be able to help people easily secure more facilities with wireless solutions.”

The combination of the NDE Series wireless locks with the Keep by Feenics cloud-hosted access control and security management platform allows companies to reduce specification barriers posed by building infrastructure and server availability in a secure and cost-effective way without additional bandwidth needs. In addition, users will have access to a fully web-hosted platform for the configuration, management and real-time monitoring of physical access control solutions, with the ability to configure lock settings, add users and receive entry alerts from anywhere in the world.

“Allegion’s strategy of helping customers secure more doors with their wireless solutions that may have been prohibitive in the past is aligned with Feenics’ belief that end user’s scalability should not be limited by the infrastructure of the building and servers on site,” said Paul DiPeso, executive vice president at Feenics. “The key to this relationship goes beyond products. Our focus on customer satisfaction is consistent with the amazing support Allegion has provided Feenics and its value added resellers.”

For more information, visit

About Allegion™
Allegion (NYSE: ALLE) is a global pioneer in safety and security, with leading brands like CISA®, Interflex®, LCN®, Schlage®, SimonsVoss® and Von Duprin®. Focusing on security around the door and adjacent areas, Allegion produces a range of solutions for homes, businesses, schools and other institutions. Allegion is a $2 billion company, with products sold in almost 130 countries. For more, visit

About Feenics*

Keep by Feenics™ ( is the industry’s most secure, on premise or cloud-hosted, integrated access control and security management solutions. Featuring two-factor authentication, TLS encrypted field hardware and a secure SSL connection, Keep provides the end user powerful features, with an easy to navigate user interface (UI) accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone. As a hosted platform, Keep reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating servers and appliances, while the UI is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, providing peace of mind with full disaster recovery and redundancy. Designed by a leading industry integrator and innovator specifically for the systems integration and value-added reseller markets, Keep’s modular design scales linearly – from single sites to an enterprise environment. Keep monitors real-time events and pushes alarm or manual notifications out via email or SMS; locks down doors with a single click; creates badges; and integrates with leading providers of intrusion, video, wireless locks and accessories.


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