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SDM Magazine – Find Your RMR in the Access Cloud

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SDM published a great article on the benefits of cloud services and how you can get involved today.

Here’s what they said about Keep by Feenics,

Cloud-based Security Management Solution

Keep by Feenics is a security management solution designed to work in a LAN or hosted cloud-based environment. The system consists of Feenics licensed hardware manufactured by HID and Mercury, and is based on Microsoft’s .Net architecture. “Customers are starting to ask for cloud hosted/SaaS products because they deliver value and they don’t want to find themselves stuck on legacy platforms anymore,” says Brian Matthews, director of sales, Feenics, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. “Feenics was founded by an integrator because his customers were asking for cloud-based products. Whether or not we realized it, we’ve been using cloud-based products for almost a decade and security is finally starting to accept that “cloud” is here to stay.

Read the full article here

15.2 is now available.

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June 1st marks the release of Keep revision 15.2. This release is one of our more maintenance oriented builds and we encourage you to head on over to the release notes and have a read. One of the coolest improvements in this release is the mass notification enhancements. We’ve also done a few little UI tweaks and improved some reports.

If you have any questions please contact

Release 15.2.1 Now Available

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Keep – Release Notes

Release 15.2.1 @ 2015-6-1
• The latest Mercury firmware is included with this release.

New Features / Enhancements
• The hardware panel now displays if a device has an available firmware update.
• Custom attributes are now included in the Global Search
• Added ability to pulse floors from elevator readers.
• Added an error message to let users know they cannot have more than 8 card formats.
• Implemented mouseover text on toolbar buttons.
• Previously assigned cards now include a notes column for users to quickly view why the card was removed.
• Added the ability to delete notes.
• Removed “confirm password” on Keep Central Settings.
• Removed the “Type” column from the hardware panel.
• Hardware types are now identified by their icons to the left of their name.
• Added QR code in change password window to make Mobile Authentication easier.
• Added permissions for custom attributes.
• Added permissions for partitions.
• Added permissions to Audit Exceptions
• Improved Reader Summary report to show interfaces/controllers.
• Improved Reader report to show interfaces/controllers.
• Enhanced Badge Type tab in the person window to allow for card selection.
• Favorites are now sorted alphabetically.
• Improved alphanumeric sorting in lists.
• Emails and Addresses are now included in global searches.
• Added Card Deactivation Report.
• Renamed Emergency Announcement button to Send Notification.
• Added filters to target specific people to receive SMS/Email notifications.
• Users can now right click and send notifications (SMS/Email) to people.
• Added notes and comments to audit log entries.
• Added new events to event monitoring.
• Improved Areas window to be more intuitive to users.
• Improved how Keep handles different time zones.
• Added new events to Local I/O Window.
• Improved security on Event Publishing.
• Added “Send to Mobile” button for Keep Personnel mobile app.
• Holidays from previous years are now removed when generating holidays from a year greater than the previous.
• Improved UI in some areas where low resolution displays would suffer.
• Added mouseover text to buttons at the top of the Keep UI.
• Improved how favorite objects on the welcome page behave.
• Added QR code to person editor for mobile apps.
• Sending SMS/Email notifications are now in the Audit Logs.
• Changed default badge type expiry to 1 year instead of 0.
• Removed old logo from all reports.
• Added more logging for HID controllers.
• Removed Custom Attribute Button from the File Menu.
• The lookup name in Keep Management is no longer case sensitive.
• If a user managed to open an object that they do not have permissions to view they will receive an error reading “object does not exist”.
• Added sorting to the All Cards by Access Group Report.
• Added sorting for Reader Reports.
• Added the “Active Cards Last Used” Report.
• Changes in the system settings are now logged in the Audits.
• Users can now select no custom attribute from the people report.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue where I/O wouldn’t be enabled/disabled on add or deletes from the interface window.
• Fixed an issue where the “Add Reader” button would remain disabled in the interface window after it had been deleted.
• Fixed an issue where the same interface could be opened in multiple tabs.
• Corrected a display issue where module headings would not appear when creating a new role.
• Corrected an issue where deleting a reader would cause other readers to display an unknown status.
• Fixed an issue where submitting a report would create two (2) audit log entries.
• Fixed an issue where cameras were not being properly displayed on the readers’ page.
• Corrected Victoria Day Holiday in the generator.
• Fixed an issue where badge types and custom attributes would be displayed without having ID management enabled on the license.
• Corrected a global search issue where some people might not be found.
• Fixed a bug where viewing event history for a specific access level would not display correctly.
• Fixed a bug where the Date/Time range filter would produce an error on specific objects.
• Favorites are now always updated on the welcome page.
• Areas cannot be common across multiple controllers.
• Fixed a bug where adding a new user would not send their password to their email address.
• If a card was not removed from the controller but was no longer in the database it would be granted access with no person information. If this occurs an event is now displayed.
• Corrected a bug where double clicking the configure action button would clear the configuration.
• Corrected a bug where deleting an action could result in other actions being removed.
• You can now reassign the same PIN value to a card.
• Users can no longer save the same I/O device many times under different object names.
• Fixed a bug where if the person a card was previously assigned to had been deleted, the card would be removed from its new assignment.
• Fixed an issue where REX would not unlock a door (HID Controllers only).
• Fixed a bug where cards with leading 0’s would not be pushed on first attempt.
• Leading zeros for a card number can now be included in the UI.
• Fixed an issue where a blank field would appear in the reader configuration window.
• Fixed a bug where the interface configuration would be reset when adding new I/O.
• Fixed an issue where the save button would be enabled on the person editor after a save was executed.
• Fixed an issue where “remember me” on the login screen would also remember the credentials when changing username/password.
• Fixed issue where badge type expiry date would no select exact expiry when it was in use.
• Removed an error from occurring when the card list was refreshed with no results.
• Fixed an issue where passwords resets would be sent from rather than the configured administrator email.
• Fixed a bug where upon note deletion, the content would not display in the Audit Logs.
• Fixed an issue where SMS would not be sent if the email failed to send.
• Fixed the Visual Verification buttons where they were not active.
• Fixed numerous combos boxes so that they update with valid data.
• Fixed a bug where deleting an assigned badge type would prevent people from being assigned new badge types.
• Corrected an issue where custom alarms would not be displayed correctly in different partitions.

Mass Notifications

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Feenics is in the process of enhancing its built in mass notification system. Users will soon be able to quickly send out SMS and/or email messages to everyone, specific groups of people, or even just a single individual. Checkout this sneak peak of the UI window.


Version 15.1 is Here!

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Another quarter has passed us by and with that Feenics has released another successful build of Keep. Some key features and enhancements include Local I/O triggers and procedures, Salient Systems video integration, keypad and magnetic reader support, latest Mercury firmware, Honeywell PW6K1IC Integration, UI tweaks, and much more. Head over to the release notes to view a complete list of all changes made in Q1-2015.


If you’re not already hosting with Feenics, you may download the latest revision at

Release 15.1 – Video Integration, Local I/O, and ….

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Keep – Release Notes


Release 15.1 @ 2015-4-22


  • Latest Lockdown features require Mercury Firmware 1.18.2 or greater.
  • Mercury controllers require a reboot if the user wishes to use lockdown on group as well as any Local I/O Triggers and procedures.

New Features / Enhancements

  • Implemented Local I/O Triggers and Procedures.—Mercury Only
  • Enhanced reader mode functionality for double tap and first card unlock. Configured within the reader configuration window “modes” tab. – double tap requires 1.17.8 (Mercury)
  • Added events to Keep when configuration files are sent to HID controllers.
  • Added new event for “Access Denied – Incomplete card and Pin sequence”.
  • Sorted all data inside combo boxes.
  • Integrated Salient Systems into Keep for camera support.
  • Added Video Management to configure video servers and cameras.
  • Added support for keypad readers on HID controllers.
  • Changed camera icons attached to events.
  • Added camera attribute to instance license keys.
  • Removed help button, training now available online.
  • Added event definitions for reset Anti-passback.
  • Strike follower is now available for Mercury Controllers.—Mercury Only requires 1.10.4(2011)
  • Added latest Mercury Firmware Version 1.20.1
  • Improved Mercury Driver support.
  • Mercury Controllers now report onboard battery status.
  • Implemented one time schedules. – Mercury Only
  • Added support for HID Edge Evo Devices.
  • Improved HID events, statuses, and alarm monitoring.
  • Card expiry’s greater than the year 2036 will be defaulted to 2036 due to integer overflow.
  • All combo boxes now have a “none” option.
  • Combo boxes have been sorted alphabetically.
  • Data grids are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Reports now show a created on date instead of run on.
  • Changed live monitoring title from alarms to live monitoring.
  • Added audit log support for lockdowns, reports, sms, and custom attributes.
  • Users can now override elevator access levels on the reader page.
  • Added support for magnetic card readers.
  • Added support for magnetic card formats.
  • Integrated support for Honeywell PW6K1IC and interface modules.
  • Users can now select “assume door used” from the door contact tab of the reader configuration window.
  • Report generation on event history UI modified.
  • Improved event reporting for HID tasks.
  • When a controller is rebooted cardholders are granted 1 free APB.
  • Unlimited Occupancy checkbox is now enabled by default on a new area.
  • Added descriptions in the UI for Schlage AD400 lock modes.
  • Descriptions are no longer required on custom attributes.
  • Readers now have a view access rights button which produces a list of all people with access to that reader. Reports can be generated from this list.
  • People now have a view access rights button which produces a list of all readers they have access to. Reports can be generated from this list.
  • Resetting passwords from the user accounts window now displays the password on screen if no SMTP is configured. If SMTP is configured their password will be emailed to their address.
  • User roles can now be viewed within the Accounts window.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed viewable permissions for people information.
  • Fixed default timespan display in Event History window.
  • Corrected an issue where assigning unlock on schedule to any reader greater than address 9 would not work.
  • Fixed an issue when adding more than two Schlage wireless locks.
  • Corrected various spelling errors in the UI.
  • Removed case sensitivity when defining the lookup name for a new instance.
  • Fixed issue where PIN code would exist when PIN code is empty and updating to a newer version of Keep.
  • Corrected error message when the Management Service is Offline.
  • Anti-passback corrected to work with 37 bit cards.
  • Corrected a bug where outputs wouldn’t load on the reader page.
  • Fixed a bug where alarm priority defaults would have no display text.
  • Fixed the role list so that it now sorts correctly.
  • Corrected floorplan names from being disabled due to invalid permissions.
  • Prevented floorplans from producing errors if they had no image uploaded.
  • Card numbers now display correctly inside the access level window.
  • Setting elevator readers to use no input interface no longer produces an error.
  • Card formats are now shown if you have selected a preset.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented access levels to be pushed to the controller if that person’s card exists on another partition.
  • Removed OSDP checkbox from reader page and it was not implemented correctly.
  • Expiry dates of cards extended in the card list will now display correctly for the card assignment.
  • Fixed an error that occurred if you modified the badge designer before the page completed to load.
  • Fixed an issue when adding a new user and the SMTP server is down, the user would not be created successfully.
  • Corrected an issue when modifying paired readers, the command will set the readers as individual readers.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a reader inside of a door group would remove it from that door group.
  • Fixed an issue where the global search would return objects from different partitions.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not be deleted from the Accounts window.
  • Mercury status now updates correctly after a reboot.
  • Fixed an issue when users attempted to change their password and entered their verified password incorrectly.
  • Selecting a hardware object within a floorplan will now switch to its properties.
  • Fixed reload data for “Go to Access Groups” on the reader configuration window.
  • Corrected text wrapping on badges in the print preview screen.
  • Cards can now be set activated or deactivated by selecting the checkbox in the people list.
  • Corrected an issue where readers could not be deleted if they were attached to a floor plan.
  • Fixed an issue when opening a card assignment it would ask to save even though you had made no changes.

Meet Feenics at ISC West

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Feenics will be attending ISC West this year and would love to have you visit. You’ll find Paul DiPeso, Brian Matthews, and Adam Lang inside booth 11063 with HID. We’ll be showing off our new toys including Keep Central Station, Keep Mobile, and Keep by Feenics.

Release 14.4 – Introducing Auditing, Wireless Locks, Added Reports, and much much more

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Release 14.4 @ 2014-12-30

New Features / Enhancements

  • Added Audit reports.
  • Added Badge Type report.
  • Added card activity report.
  • Added Cardholder report.
  • Added double tap functionality to readers on a schedule.
  • Added Emergency Announcement (Global SMS) Feature
  • Added permissions to double click and right click on context menus
  • Added prompt message when disconnected from the Event Publisher.
  • Added remember me button for users when logging in.
  • Added report on who has access to which reader.
  • Added scroll bars for lower resolution displays.
  • Added support for 16 RIM1e interfaces on a Mercury 1501 controller.
  • Additional permissions have been added for increased precision.
  • Changed error message when creating an existing user.
  • Changed some report titles to reflect their function more accurately.
  • Grouped buttons on the main ribbon bar.
  • Implemented auditing system.
  • Improved support for Global Loader and product testing.
  • Improved User system by changing the way a User is added.
  • Increased Event Publishing efficiency by 3 times.
  • Integrated SALTO Sallis wireless locks
  • Integrated Schlage AD-400 wireless locks.
  • Integrated support for many 4bit and 8bit keypads.
  • Permissions have been renamed and organized for ease of use.
  • Removed custom attributes panel and set default to person.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed character mask / constant field to only allow appropriate values.
  • Corrected error message when duplicate pin
  • Corrected error when sorting alarms while grouped by event.
  • Corrected issue where area text could not be modified.
  • Corrected issue where changing partitions would load user settings
  • Corrected issue where date time range wouldn’t filter in Event History.
  • Email and SMS notifications now work properly for HID hardware.
  • Fixed an issue where cards in an access level would be pushed if that access level was modified.
  • Fixed bug where pulsing an object on a floor plan produced an error.
  • Fixed bug where resetting a reader would disable unlock on schedule.
  • Fixed bug where ribbon tab was not refreshing upon saving a role.
  • Fixed error produced by saving with audible instructions “no sound effect”.
  • Fixed issue where deleting a person while the people list is active would produce an error.
  • Fixed issue where reader 2 would not respect strike times. –HID ONLY
  • Fixed issue where saving a reader twice produced an exception.
  • Fixed issue where selected partition would change when a window is closed
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to add a new card with different encoded and displayed numbers.
  • Fixed person window title when changing partitions.
  • Fixed Refresh button on card list
  • Fixed refresh issue within sound effect combo box in alarm priority defaults.
  • Hardware panel now updates after changing partitions.
  • Keep now checks for correct card format on each assignment. –HID ONLY
  • Only like events can be bulk acknowledged.
  • Panel Address Zero can now be selected for HID interfaces.
  • The Card List can now be sorted by assigned/unassigned and pin exempt.
  • The Pin Field will now accepts pins up to a length of 15 digits.