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Why Migrating to Our Latest Platform is Important.

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Moving Forward With Keep By Feenics

If you’re an existing Feenics customer then it’s likely you’ve heard the terms “V2” or “V3”, so what’s the difference and why should you care?

“V2” is the second iteration of the Keep by Feenics Platform (we don’t talk about V1) which uses a SQL back end and provides the user access through a Microsoft Silverlight web application… typically through a web browser. If you’re logging into your Keep by Feenics Solution by typing “” into a browser, this article was written for you.

So why does Feenics want you to move to their latest “V3” platform? During the architecting of this platform we made the strategic choice of moving to a NoSQL database called MongoDB, this was primarily due to its efficiency and scalability. We also decided to make not just one, but three user interfaces that allow users to choose between Web, Windows, or a Mobile experience. Our team is also hard at work expanding and developing new Integrations as we evolve with our customers.

Those GUIs, Integrations, along with a number features are the sizzle that your sales rep would love to demonstrate to you…. and for some of our more technical users, there are a few things our Engineers would hope you can appreciate.

The V3 platform has been architected to offer a superior cloud product by leveraging Amazon Web Services. Using their robust and proven infrastructure Feenics provides near infinite scalability, crucial data encryption, and is able to deploy servers to bolster load balancers in a matter of seconds. Feenics has also invested considerably in our V3 RESTful API which unifies all applications, integrations, and custom projects. This makes life much better for all consumers of the platform.

What You Should Take Away From This Article
  1. Our new platform is amazing
  2. There’s a 90% chance you’ll be grandfathered in
  3. More Apps & Features
  4. More Power & Security
  5. More Reliability

If you’d like additional information feel free to reach us by emailing (Sizzle) or (Steak).

Release 17.0

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Release 17.0 @ February 1st, 2017.

• Note that this product is in maintenance mode as Feenics works to release its new platform. (Don’t worry, we’re still improving it, just a little slower than usual)

New Features / Enhancements
• Added support for IIS 10
• Added exact match searching by entering filters with quotations.
• Improved default message styling to alarm notifications.
• Updated new user email for alternate branding message.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue where applying a mode, schedule set without intervals would unlock a door
• Fixed a bug where mouse-over text for cameras on floorplans would not appear.

Basic User Tutorials

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Basic End User Training…. For Free!
Feenics has created a set of training videos intended for brand new users so that they can better understand the application. This set includes a total of 8 videos with a combined duration of 50 minutes. When viewing the playlist please keep in mind that the videos were designed to be viewed sequentially.

Video Summary:
1. Navigation – The first video hopes to help the user better navigate the application so that they can efficiently manoeuvre themselves around the app.
2. Logbook & Notes – This video shows how to make use of the activity log as well as implement valuable notes throughout the application.
3. People Management – Users are shown common ways to manage all of the people in the system.
4. Card Management – Emphasizes how simple it is to promote a person to a cardholder.
5. Report Management – Reports are shown in this video so that users can save data for latest use or to be shared with other staff.
6. Alarm Monitoring – This video gives operators an idea of how they might view incoming events & alarms and how to handle them.
7. Hardware – A brief introduction to hardware is shown in this video to help users understand the physical devices maintaining their facilities.
8. Demonstration – Finally, a recap video puts all of the basic skills together to demonstrate common use cases for day to day system users.


Q16.4 Release Notes

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Keep – Release Notes 16.4

Release 16.4 @ December, 2016.


  • Note that this product is in maintenance mode as Feenics works to release its new platform. (Don’t worry, we’re still improving it, just a little slower than usual)

New Features / Enhancements

  • Modified import camera options in VideoXpert server settings so that it is more intuitive to the user.
  • Added the Access Rights report to the generate report list.
  • Duplicate PIN codes can now exist within a single person (many cards).
  • Added the time of Event within the alarm acknowledgement window.
  • Added right click -> View Event History for all hardware devices within the hardware tree.
  • Added more detail to audit logs for activating procedures.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error occurring when using the expression editor to create custom alarm definitions.
  • Corrected the bit structure for card format preset HID 35 Bit Corporate 1000.
  • Fixed a bug allowing users to delete their own account from the Accounts Window.
  • Fixed a bug within the VideoXpert player where pressing play while in a paused state may crash the application.
  • Inactive cards will now be returned by the global search.

Keep by Feenics now with NDE wireless lock support.

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Integration Offers Improved Total Cost of Ownership and More Compatibility for Installers

CARMEL, IND., (Sept. 9, 2016) – Allegion, a leading global security products and solutions provider, has worked with Feenics to provide a new offering that will integrate the Schlage® NDE Series wireless locks with ENGAGE Technology and the Keep by Feenics™ cloud-hosted access control and security management platform. It will debut at the Allegion booth (#2551) as well as the Feenics booth (#2168) during the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International’s 62nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits, held Sept. 12-15 in Orlando, Fla.

“Working with an innovative company like Feenics enables us to provide installers with the benefit of less time spent deploying an access control system while minimizing the everyday disruptions of customers’ business,” said Brad Aikin, electronics portfolio leader at Allegion. “The NDE Series is a cutting-edge product in its own right, and with this latest integration we’ll be able to help people easily secure more facilities with wireless solutions.”

The combination of the NDE Series wireless locks with the Keep by Feenics cloud-hosted access control and security management platform allows companies to reduce specification barriers posed by building infrastructure and server availability in a secure and cost-effective way without additional bandwidth needs. In addition, users will have access to a fully web-hosted platform for the configuration, management and real-time monitoring of physical access control solutions, with the ability to configure lock settings, add users and receive entry alerts from anywhere in the world.

“Allegion’s strategy of helping customers secure more doors with their wireless solutions that may have been prohibitive in the past is aligned with Feenics’ belief that end user’s scalability should not be limited by the infrastructure of the building and servers on site,” said Paul DiPeso, executive vice president at Feenics. “The key to this relationship goes beyond products. Our focus on customer satisfaction is consistent with the amazing support Allegion has provided Feenics and its value added resellers.”

For more information, visit

About Allegion™
Allegion (NYSE: ALLE) is a global pioneer in safety and security, with leading brands like CISA®, Interflex®, LCN®, Schlage®, SimonsVoss® and Von Duprin®. Focusing on security around the door and adjacent areas, Allegion produces a range of solutions for homes, businesses, schools and other institutions. Allegion is a $2 billion company, with products sold in almost 130 countries. For more, visit

About Feenics*

Keep by Feenics™ ( is the industry’s most secure, on premise or cloud-hosted, integrated access control and security management solutions. Featuring two-factor authentication, TLS encrypted field hardware and a secure SSL connection, Keep provides the end user powerful features, with an easy to navigate user interface (UI) accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone. As a hosted platform, Keep reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating servers and appliances, while the UI is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, providing peace of mind with full disaster recovery and redundancy. Designed by a leading industry integrator and innovator specifically for the systems integration and value-added reseller markets, Keep’s modular design scales linearly – from single sites to an enterprise environment. Keep monitors real-time events and pushes alarm or manual notifications out via email or SMS; locks down doors with a single click; creates badges; and integrates with leading providers of intrusion, video, wireless locks and accessories.


*All brand and company/product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Feenics, all rights reserved.

Release 16.3.2 Now Live on Production servers!

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As usual, head on over to the release notes to see a complete list of change sets. Some highlights include the new Entry/Exit report, Improved application security, BLE Tamper support for NDE locksets, and my personal favourite……. Users are no longer allowed to issue thousands of reboots to an offline IC! (Slight exaggeration)

Let us know if you have any questions.

Q16.3.2 Release Notes

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Keep – Release Notes 16.3.2

Release 16.3.2 @ September, 2016.


  • Tools such as the Holiday Generator are used to assist in site configuration, they are not intended to replace admins. Please review your work before saving.

New Features / Enhancements

  • Added BLE Tamper function added to NDE devices.
  • Users must now be authenticated to open a report within their browser.
  • Keep now prevents users from issues many reboot commands to Mercury Devices.
  • Reboots can no longer be sent to offline devices.
  • Improved system security by removing unnecessary information in website headers.
  • Bad http requests are now handled more nicely.
  • SMTP servers can now be configured to allow SSL.
  • BACNet support for EP4502 controller.
  • Added new Entry/Exit report which generated a report of entry/exit times for cardholders based off of a designated in & out reader.
  • The Auto Archiver will not run if the disk space is low.
  • Passwords expire after 72hours if set to “User must change Password” after a password reset.
  • Improved server host communication when outage causes ICs to drop offline, they will now reconnect more efficiently.
  • Servers that have AccessXpert licenses will now automatically be branded as such.
  • Improved the “All Assigned Cards” report to now show active/inactive.
  • Badge Types can now be duplicated using the “save as” option.
  • Added barcode support for custom attributes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where custom relay times could not be configured.
  • Corrected US Memorial Date inside of Holiday Generator.
  • Fixed a bug where I/O names could potentially have duplicate Global Address values resulting in incorrect display names.
  • Fixed a bug in setting custom LED reader behavior where the on time would match the off time.
  • Simulated card read now supports long values (9223372036854775807)
  • Fixed “Active Cards Last Used” report from displaying some incorrect headings and messages.
  • Fixed an issue where updating an admins photo with the mobile app while looking at the person window would throw an exception.
  • Fixed a bug where having over 50 badge types would prevent users from opening new badge types.

Q16.1 release notes

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Keep – Release Notes 16.1

Release 16.1 @ April 1, 2016.


  • • Also see some of the tools we’ve created which are available in our technical certification program.

New Features / Enhancements

  • • Added support for Allegion NDE wireless gates & locksets over RS485.
  • • Added Support for M5 Devices
    • FN-M5-IC, Intelligent Controller
    • FN-M5-COM, Power & RS485 communications bridge
    • FN-M5-2RP, 2 reader interface module, 4 inputs, 6 outputs
    • FN-M5-2SRP, 2 supervised reader interface module, 4 in, 6 out
    • FN-M5-8RP, 8 supervised reader interface module
    • FN-M5-20IN, 20 auxiliary input module
    • FN-M5-16DOR, 16 auxiliary output module
    • FN-M5-16DO, 16 digital relay module
    • FN-M5-2K, 4 reader interface module, 18 inputs, 12 outputs
    • • Cameras can now be added to floor plans, and viewed by single clicking.

Bug Fixes

    • • Fixed an issue where the Keep Management Client would require two saves to successfully create new databases.
    • • Fixed an issue where the Audit Log History report would fail to generate.
    • • Modified the Access Rights Report template to be more concise.
    • • Improved some existing reports
    • o Removed duplicate text from the Output Summary Report.
    • o Removed duplicate text from the All Cards Expiring Report.
    • o Removed duplicate text from the Active Cards Last Users report and reorganized the filtering.
    • o Removed duplicate text from the Input Summary Report.
    • o Card Deactivation report now includes much richer data.
    • o People report now allow time filters to be set on date dependent custom attributes.
    • • Fixed an issue where the Event Archiver could timeout during the deletion of events.

Q15.4 Release Notes

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Keep – Release Notes 15.4

Release 15.4 @ 2015-12-3
• If you generated holidays many years into the future you may have to reconfigure your thanksgiving holidays. Luckily you can simply delete your holiday set and generate it with the new and improved logic.
• Video Player has been replaced. To download the new client select file -> Download video player.
New Features / Enhancements
• Removed Restore Defaults from the System Settings.
• Added Support for Bosch D7412GV4 Panel.
• Implemented New Keep Video player client.
• Integrated Tailgating detection with Cognimatics & Axis Cameras.
• Removed the Print button from the badge designer.
• Interactive Voice Response no longer requires a mobile access seat.
• Users can now right click and select the expression editor for SMS, email, and IVR configurable fields.
• Modified display text in Triggers & Procedures to be more clear.
• When an alarm is acknowledged all users will see the update in real-time as long as they are in the same partition.
• Server event logging has been optimized to minimize the risk of message queues becoming unstable.
• Improved some messages in the service log monitor.
• Changed IVR Code to “Unique ID” and added tooltip inside the reader configuration window.
• Added Floor Number & Acknowledged columns to the event history window.
• Improved connectivity of the Event Publisher.
• The generic I/O address is now specified within the reader I/O (Strike, Door Contact, Rex)
• All new QR codes have been improved to update dynamically when changes are made to the card assignment.
Bug Fixes
• Reports selected in the generate report window now focus on an existing window if the report was already open.
• Corrected various typos.
• Corrected an issue where the welcome page would prompt users to save changes if they had a report configured as a favorite item.
• Fixed a bug where Tardiness report would use incorrect timezones.
• Fixed a bug where cards could not be reactivated from the people list.
• American Thanksgiving holiday generation logic has been corrected.
• Fixed an issue where deleting a person would not delete them from the alarm panel.
• Fixed OEM tool so that it now accepts long Authorization Codes.
• Fixed an issue where moving between partitions with the hardware panel.
• Prevented an error message from occurring when using the visual verification to monitor doors.
• Preventing an issue from occurring when opening a persons notes where the operation would fail.