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Keep by Feenics

The industry's most secure and agile cloud-based access control that can be managed from anywhere there is an internet connection. Keep employs a friendly, intuitive and feature-rich user interface (UI) that uses a simple native app, with robust features. The platform is built using open architecture hardware for limitless interoperability, plus it is fortified by the security, disaster recovery and redundancy of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Scalable and Flexible Performance

Keep by Feenics has the unique ability to scale up and down for added flexibility and greater agility to easily respond to evolving needs, on demand. Organizations can achieve outcomes such as greater data efficiency, improved security, high availability, and faster development and deployment of infrastructure and applications.

Advanced Security in the Cloud

Built on open architecture hardware and fortified by the security, disaster recovery and redundancy of Amazon Web Services, Keep incorporates multiple layers of security and privacy protection to safeguard client information and ensure the highest system security, from system login through to trusted field devices.

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High Availability and Resiliency

99.999% uptime via multi-server redundancy and load balancing that virtually eliminates service disruption or lost connections and provides client disaster recovery, without additional servers on premises.  This ensures the highest level of service and reliability for our customers, while lowering total cost of ownership with no additional CapEx.

Keep by Feenics: the Right ACaaS Platform for your Business

Increase ROI

A subscription-based model with no upfront costs, and no need to purchase computer hardware, software or maintenance contracts.  Your cost is simply based on usage.  You only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Faster Deployment

Integrating with multiple systems, applications and devices is easy using RESTFul API. Integrating new or existing systems no longer takes weeks of laborious work. Keep provides an easy, “one click” setup to perform the task saving you time and money.

Better Performance

Companies are realizing that greater security, more rapid innovation, and faster time-to-results can be achieved by moving to an enterprise level cloud-based access control infrastructure. Keep delivers security directors real-time alarm events and monitoring, with minimal latency using a simple internet connection, anywhere at any time.

Reduce IT Workload

Hosting in the cloud means no physical on-premise servers are needed, therefore reducing IT personnel that are needed to maintain, update, patch, backup and manage communications between port openings.

Our first sales webinar under the Feenics Academy umbrella.

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Feenics Wins Highest Award at Govies 2020

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Feenics gets APL Government Approval

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COVID-19 Announcement

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